J.Z. Foster is an Urban Fantasy and Horror writer with multiple series on Amazon.


Born and raised in Ohio, he moved to South Korea after college and lived there for 8 years, running a small English school, marrying a Korean woman and having a baby.

In his time in South Korea, he’s become well versed in Korean politics and has done multiple radio interviews on South Korean and North politics.

Since returning to the U.S., he’s launched his writing career and three series’. You can can join the discussion with him by clicking HERE.

“…classic supernatural horror thriller with a relentless narrative drive that gives us a terrifying ghost, monsters out of Robert E. Howard, Japanese folklore, Lovecraftian transformations, and one of the most truly frightening warlocks in all of Gothic literature, in addition to sly dark humor and an appeal to courage and empathy distressingly rare in this kind of fiction.” –Leigh Clark, author of The Feeding, Blood Sabbath, Evil Reincarnate, and Shock Radio.
— Leigh Clark, author of The Feeding, Blood Sabbath, Evil Reincarnate, and Shock Radio.
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J.Z. Foster

What the press is saying about J.Z. Foster

  • Words have power and J.Z's work is powerful indeed.

  • Foster is quickly joining my list of favorite horror authors.

  • Watch out Mr. King, here's another author to keep us up at night!

  • I would get that gut-punch from a horrific event and just keep reading. Basically 370 pages in 2 days

  • With Foster's complex and vivid writing style, Witch Hunter also falls into the genre of supernatural horror thriller.

  • …really loved this book, and I am so excited to read more from J.Z. Foster.

  • ...exactly why I support indie authors. JZ Foster is a bad ass author.

  • Foster' s literary talent shines right from beginning and I'm truly looking forward to every word he puts down on the page.

  • J.Z. Foster is destined for great things