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Demon Weed

Every town has a secret…
…some are just worse than others.

There's something caged up in a small barn in Heavensworth, and it likes to eat meat. On full moons, if you're close and you're quiet, it can be heard slurping and swallowing its meals from its slop bucket.

That same farm? They grow the best marijuana you'll ever smoke. This shit will take you to the moon.

One hit and you start to see the space between worlds--the threads that sew reality together.

You just have to wonder what's in it, don't you?


Demon Weed, a small town horror story filled with secrets and violence that's sure to entice, and FREE to all!

Every story has a beginning . . . 

Before there were witches, or hunters, there was a wight—hungry and alone. After having freshly crawled from hell, the wight must find its way in a world it doesn’t know or understand. This is its tale…

…A wight, alone in the dark.


A prequel to Witch Hunter that tells the tale of the wight. Though it is a prequel, it can be read at any point in the series.